Friday August 17th


Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Jenny on Saturday mornings as she greets everyone with a warm and friendly smile and a hot cup of coffee. Recently Jenny has started teaching fundamentals and she will be stepping in from time to time to teach classes. Read more about Jenny below….

“Growing up, I wasn’t particularly drawn towards fitness or sports. Competition felt intimidating and I found myself gravitating towards the art of writing and music.

I began a career that I loved. As a Paramedic, I realized very quickly that the demands of my job would require me to stay both physically and emotionally healthy in order to withstand the many obstacles I would face on the daily. As a mother, I continue to strive towards being a role model to my 3 teenagers.

I signed up for group classes in globo-gym environments and continued to pay for memberships long after the novelty of the shiny machines, bright lights and mirrored walls had worn off. My quest to get in shape was quite often road-blocked by my own inability to find ‘my place’.

From the moment I started my fundamentals program in 2009 I knew–Crossfit was exactly what I’d been missing. The inspiring and empowering coaches; the sense of community that Crossfit builds its foundation on; the workouts that challenged me both physically and mentally; the ongoing support and motivation and the environment that felt safe and free from judgement– without a single mirror in sight.

I obtained my Personal Training certification with Canfitpro and went on to successfully complete the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer’s course. I am passionate about helping people discover the benefits that Crossfit has on both physical and mental health. Following a diagnosis of PTSD, I have become an advocate and public speaker siting Crossfit as an invaluable tool in my coping strategy arsenal.

I am ever grateful that in Crossfit, I have found ‘my place’.

Today’s WOD

Power Endurance


For time

50 Pull ups

400 m run

21 thrusters 95/65

800m run

21 thruster

400 m run

50 pull ups





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