April 12th, 2017


Awesome Vibe at CFK today as we settle in to our new home 🙂

We are officially back Home to Mill St. It has been so great to see and talk to so many people over the last couple of days.  There was definitely an excitement in the air and a feeling of coming home among the many people who have been with us since Mill or even further back to King. For those people who started at Borden, we realize it will take a little while to adjust but we are confident you will feel at home in no time 🙂
Lance and I are extremely thankful and grateful to those who helped us move this past weekend. It was even nice to have people pop in to say hello and check out our facility. We still have work to do on our new home so thank- you for your patience and understanding during this transitional period.
CFK will be closed on Good Friday but the rest of the weekend will be business as usual:)


Today’s WOD

Go every 3 min x 3 sets

Power snatch x 10 reps – reset each rep

1 min plank on elbows or rings


With a 12 min cap

500 Du’s for time, BUT at the top of every minute perform 7 pull ups

Notes: – don’t rush on PS, focus on strong position and movement – score is either time or total DU’s for WOD

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