March 8th, 2017

Today’s WOD

A1. Bench Press x 8-10 @ 70%+, rest 0 sec

A2. Russian KB Swing x 20, rest 2 min x 4


Partner 6 min AMRAP

One partner completes as many DU’s as possible while the other performs a farmers carry across the gym and back x 2 @ 55/35 per hand * Score is total DU’s


A. Side plank on elbow x 45-60 sec, rest 1:1 b/t sides x 2 sets

B. Good mornings x 15 reps, rest 1 min x 3 (use bar or bands)

Notes: – get someone who’s good at DU’s and you’re golden. It might not help to rush on the farmers carry.



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