February 23rd, 2017


“FREE YOGA ” with Ashley  this Saturday  Borden location at 11 am for CFK members only


CrossFit not only builds a local community we are all part of the global CrossFit community.  Ashley is visiting us from Florida and has taken a couple classes with us this week. She would like to give back to our community with a FREE yoga class for everyone on Saturday Feb 25th at 11am.”

Here’s a little bio on Ashley-

As a dancer, Ashley began to compliment her dancing with yoga. She started her yoga journey for mainly physical reasons- to gain flexibility. However, yoga soon became an outlet for her to “just be” with no expectations, needs, or stress of doing anything perfectly. And that’s when she was hooked. As she continued her consistent yoga practice she continued to realize the beautiful mental work-in that accompanied the physical work out during asana (posture) practice. Wanting to deepen her practice she decided to enroll in yoga teacher training. In October 2015, she graduated from Full Circle Yoga with her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Shortly after, she found her first job at Uncanny Fitness, a CrossFit gym in Winter Park, Orlando, FL. As she began teaching there, she also began a steady CrossFit routine. She immediately noticed the strength and endurance improvements and loved the workout. She loves teaching her fellow students to move through their practice and their life with acceptance, love, and mindfulness. She teaches that it’s what you do all day everyday that counts. Consistent tiny tweaks lead to big changes.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.” -Gandhi

Today’s WOD

Partner 10k row – switch every 500m

Notes:  longer aerobic work should help promote some recovery providing you re-fuel properly and don’t go all out

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