January 16th, 2017



Introducing Andrew to our CFK Team

Andrew has always been involved in fitness throughout his life. He started playing and coaching basketball when he was young, which changed to Ultimate Frisbee after high school. Since then, he has been competing on the National stage as a Player Coach/ Captain for Maverick, KW’s competitive open team.

His journey into weight training came after a knee injury prevented him from playing. He used it to assist his recovery, and accelerate his return to sport. The weight training quickly became sport specific training, and eventually evolved into CrossFit. When Andrew found CrossFit, he was all in and hasn’t looked back. He went through CrossFit Kitchener’s Apprenticeship Program before obtaining his CrossFit Level 1.

When Andrew isn’t at the gym coaching or working out, he is working as a Registered Massage Therapist and Full Body Active Release Technique Provider at Dearborn Health in Waterloo. He utilizes his knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics to assist him in focusing on movement quality and promoting proper patterns with all athletes.

Welcome Aboard Andrew!

Today’s WOD

A1. Strict press x 2-3 reps @ 80-90% of 1RM, rest 10 sec

A2. Hollow hold x 20-30 sec, rest 1 min x 6



10 Pull ups*

15 Thrusters @ 95/65

30 DU’s

*see scaling options

Notes:  All sets of press should be at 80-90%.  Choose appropriate scaling to get at least 3 rds of AMRAP


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