January 12th, 2017


Today’s WOD


Introducing Courtney- StrongHer Bootcamp Coach/CFK Social Media Extraordinaire

 I’m a mom of 2, a competitive powerlifter and a recreational CrossFitter…but I haven’t always been that way. While I was pregnant I gained over 100+ pounds during pregnancy which left me some where around 320lbs at my heaviest.  Along my fitness journey I fell in love with lifitng & training and began taking the steps to to helping others find their love for fitness and I truly enjoy what I do.
About 5 years ago I began teaching group cycling at many of the local health clubs. This evolved over the years from cycing to group fitness and then into CrossFit and Powerlifting. I couldn’t be happier with how my fitness “career” has evolved and I feel at home at CrossFit Kitchener.


  • CF-L1 (Feb ’15)
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling (Aug ’13)
  • CanFit Pro Group Fitness (April ’14)
  • Certified Boxing Fitness Instructor (Boxing By Syd Vanderpool)

Today’s WOD

Go every 2 min x 5 sets – 20 weighted walking lunges (bar in back rack position)


Tabata row – calories

REST 1 min

Tabata wall balls

REST 1 min

Tabata Burpees

REST 1 min

Tabata sit ups

*Take your lowest score from each of the movements and add them together for a score…8×20:10 of each!

Notes:  Tabata, ancient word for evil genius!

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