December 16th, 2016


Thank-You to everyone who contributed to our Holiday Support Program this year supporting Families in need in Waterloo Region. The two families we helped this year are going to have a brighter Christmas because of you.  What an awesome community we have here at CFK!

Today’s WOD

  1. Go every 2 min x 5 sets – 2 power snatches + 1 OHS or 2 PC + 1 FS


For time:

50 DU’s

10 Snatches @ 135/95 or 10 Cleans @ 185/115 – 60%ish

40 DU’s

8 Snatches or Cleans

30 DU’s

6 Snatches or cleans

20 DU’s

4 Snatches or cleans

10 DU’s

2 Snatches or cleans

Notes: choose your path, add weight per set on A


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