Tuesday September 20th


Welcoming Coach Ada to CFK

We are really happy to announce that Ada will be joining our CFK coaching team. Ada is a phenomenal Athlete who recently started coaching CF over the Summer at her home gym,  CF N6 in Keswick. She is excited to share her knowledge and passion for CF with you. You will see Ada on Tues nights helping at the desk and assisting classes. Please be sure to give Ava a warm CFK welcome when you see her.  Below is a little note from Ada….

“I have always been very competitive.  I was the kid who joined just about every sports team I could in school.  I’ve ran cross country, played soccer, rugby, field hockey and played 10 years of rep hockey.  Unfortunately after receiving many concussions I was forced to swap sport for basement workouts.  Then one day my friend mentioned Crossfit.  Although I had no idea what it was I went for my first class at Crossfit N6 in Keswick.  I was hooked.  When I became a student at Wilfred Laurier University, I knew I had to continue and I was lucky enough to come across Crossfit Kitchener.  Through Crossfit I have become way stronger than I’ve ever been, and can do things that I wouldn’t have thought possible, but most importantly I love Crossfit because of the amazing community.

Today’s WOD

Go every 2 min x 5 sets

Push press x 3 reps, rest 0 sec

Hollow hold x 20-30 sec


In teams of 2 – 16 min AMRAP

Partner 1 – 20/15 cal row

Partner 2 – 10 Push press @ 135/95  (50%)


– for partner piece switch every time both parts are done, score is total rounds

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