August 3rd, 2016

Mandy CFK King St

For those that do not know, when Mandy Bujold was living and training in Kitchener, she trained with us at CFK when ever she could. Below is a message from Mandy that she sent to her supporters earlier today as she heads to Rio to fulfill her lifelong dream. We are all very proud of her!

HI Everyone,

The day has finally come… my bags are packed and I am just about to head to the airport to start my trip to Rio!
I can honestly say over the past few weeks I felt like this day would never come and now that it’s here it’s hard to believe.
I have been in Montreal for the last week for my final preparations with my team. Everything here went very well and now I am really looking forward to getting to Rio and getting settled into the Athletes Village.
Once we arrive in Rio we will get our accreditations and check into the Village. On August 4th the Official Draw will take place and I will be able to let everyone know an exact schedule for my bouts. Mad Hatter Agency created a really helpful site that will have all the details of my competition as well as links to the CBC live stream, message board and even my social media updates. Please check it out and share with your friends and family who would like to tune in as well.
The Opening Ceremony will take place on August 5th and I will be there with my teammates to really enjoy the moment and take in the whole Olympic experience. Once the ceremony is completed then I will be in competition mode and finalize my training depending on the date of my first bout. As of right now August 12th or August 16th is when my weight division (51kg- Flyweight) will start competing depending on the draw.
I want to thank You for your continuous support over the years and once again for your support as my dream becomes reality!
Mandy Bujold
#MandyMadness #TeamBujold

Today’s WOD

Make up/active aerobic recovery/skills & drills


– don’t just follow the masses, do what YOU need to be doing

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