July 11th, 2016


I think everyone can agree that today (Sunday) was an amazing day! The love and support that everyone showed today was incredible! Thank you for all your support!

A message from Paul and Sandy:

What an amazing day!

Leading up to this event it has been overwhelming to see the generosity of our friends, family, acquaintances, community and strangers with all the donations.

To be honest when we first heard the plan we though there would be maybe 50 people attending. The last few weeks leading up to the event we knew there would be a lot more than 50 people. But even knowing this we were still blown away this morning by the amount of people in the gym.

There is no way to explain how lucky we are to have the friends, family and community we have. The team running the event did an amazing job. We don’t know how to thank you guys enough but thanks a million times over. We also want to thank everyone that attended making the day a success and over all just fun and amazing day. We also want to thanks those who could not attend as there was so much support from these people as well.

Thanks again everyone.

Paul and Sandy

Today’s WOD

A. In 10 min, build up to 95% of your 1RM back squat – suggested loading:






B. 1 attempt AMRAP back squats @ 90% of your 1RM


15 min AMRAP

10 Box step overs with 95/65 on back

20 Push press @ 95/65 (50% ish)

40 Du’s



– last week of the back squat AMRAP tests. We’ve built up, testing to follow!

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