June 28th, 2016


Today’s WOD

A. Hollow hold x 20 sec, rest 40 x 4

B.Front squats: Go every 90 sec – 2 min x 3,3,2,2,1,1,1 (build up to 95% of max)


In teams of 2, switching after each complete round (15 min AMRAP)

1 Power clean @ 155/105 (60-70%)

2 Front squats @ 155/105 (50-60%)

4 Front rack lunges @ 155/105

8 C2B pull-ups (chin over bar, or plank pull to scale)


– build per set on front squats, rest appropriate amount

– make sure you can move the weight for each movement before sticking to it…limiting factor for most will be the lunges

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