May 16th, 2016


Today’s WOD

Alternating EMOM x 9

Min 1: Muscle ups x AMRAP in 45 sec

Min 2: HS walk/hold x 30-45 sec

Min 3: L-sit/Deadbugs/Hollow rocks x 30-45 sec


In 3 min complete:

5 Burpee T2B (do a burpee, jump up and do a T2B x 5)

Run 400m

Max reps Bar muscle ups/C2B/Pull ups

REST 2 min x 4

* Get through the burpee t2b, run, than in remaining time AMRAP Muscle ups…score is total muscle ups or alternative. Rest 2 min and do it again for 4 sets. If you are unable to get through the b2tb and run in 2 min, then scale run to 300m or even 200m.


– a different looking day, let’s see how this goes

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