May 12th, 2016


Today’s WOD

A1. Seated strict press x 3-4 reps, rest 20 sec (increase load by 5-10% from last week)

A2. DU’s x 30 sec max reps, rest 90 sec x 5

  1. Pistols x 30 sec, rest 1 min x 3


12 min AMRAP

5 HSPU’s

10 T2B

15 Ring dips

30 DU’s


strength and skill needed to succeed today…a chance to work on these things as well

sub HSPU’s for piked push up with feet on a box, dive bombers, L seated shoulder press, or push ups.

Sub T2B with knees to elbow, hanging leg raise, or v sit to kick out

Scale the Ring dips with Dips from the Matador or jerk blocks, or keep working on your push ups.

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