April 26th, 2016


Today’s WOD

A. 15 min to find a 1RM Squat Clean or Power Clean – OR Squat Snatch or Power snatch

B1. Pull up work x 4-5 reps, rest 1 min

B2. HS work x 20-30 sec, rest 1 min x 4

EMOM x 15

Minute 1 – 5 Power Cleans/Snatch @ 65-75% of today’s 1RM
Minute 2 – 200 Meter Row
Minute 3 – 10-15 Ring Dips (45 sec or less)


– Scale the ring dips by using the matador or jerk blocks if you have mastered the push up. Otherwise keeping working towards your push up with hands and feet on the floor

– chose your poison for the lift, then hit up some gymnastic work and an EMOM…well rounded day

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