April 2nd, 2016

Marley and Brent

Marley and Brent from our Grizzlies’ Powerlifting Team are heading to London on Sunday to represent CrossFit Kitchener and Kitchener-Waterloo Special Olympics Ontario for a 3 lift Powerlifting Event. This is Brent’s first Powerlifting event in over 3 years and Marley’s first Powerlifting event ever! Brent has done Powerlifting in the past, but was on a hiatus for close to 3 years until Sept 2015 Marley just started Powerlifting in Sept of last year, but has been with CrossFit Kitchener since 2013. Incase you were trying to add up the plates, that is 225lbs that Marley is pulling!

Good Luck on Sunday Guys!

Today’s WOD

teams of 3 or 4, working for 1 min at each station than switch, 1 person resting

40 mins

row for distance

kb swings 1.5/1.0 for reps

sled drag 185/135 for laps

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