March 31st, 2016


Another Good Bye 😥

Good Luck Elise!

April 2011, exactly five years ago, I walked into CFK for the first time on King Street. It was right after I ran Around the Bay (30km), the longest I ever ran at that time. I knew I wanted to move up to the ultra-distance and was looking for cross-training to avoid injuries. Running 10k in the morning and doing the 6pm WOD quickly became my daily routine. I think one of the most important things I got out of CFK is learning how to eat. When I walked into the gym, I was only eating bread and pastas. It took me a bit of time to get convinced, but one day, I switched to proteins, fruits and veggies. I got much leaner, stronger and significantly improved my running. I was amazed by how fast I could recover from my long runs. Over the past 5 years, I ran 36 ultra-marathons, any distance from 50km to 200 miles. I was often criticized by my fellow runners by my low weekly mileage (I run max 100km/week), but coming to race day, I was pulling it off and often ranked top females. My weekly mileage is low, but all those WODs gave me lots of upper body strength and core stability which is a huge asset to run in the mountains on uneven surfaces. Having good shoulders also help carrying a backpack for 100 miles long! And I always felt the best way to simulate a 100 miles run is to do a bunch of wall balls or air squats in the evening and run 10km the following morning on screaming quads.  Over those five years, the trainers pushed me so many times to do things or RX workouts I never thought I could do. My best (worse) RX memories will always be Murph, Daniel, 100 burpee/pull-ups and 14.5. It is now time for me to relocate to Burlington. It is hard to say goodbye, the last five years was a fun ride! I really met great people and thanks to all the trainers for being so kind to me. I will miss you all 🙂

Today’s WOD

A. Build to a tough single back squat in 10 min

B. Go EMOM x 5 min, 1 rep @ 90% of A


EMOM x 21 min

Min 1 – Thrusters x 5 @ 135/95

Min 2 – Pull ups x 10

Min 3 – Box Jumps x 15



– legs might be a little tired, but they’ll be okay to lift heavy today

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