March 1st, 2016


Today’s WOD

A1. Deadlifts x 5 reps (@ 75% of 1RM), rest 30 sec

A2. Ring dips x 5 reps, rest 90 sec x 5

B1. Ring rows x 7-10 reps @ 2111, rest 30 sec (elevate feet if necessary)

B2. Hollow hold x 30 sec, rest 30 sec x 3


With a partner, complete 4 rounds EACH of:

3 Hang power cleans @ 185/125

2 Reverse lunges/leg (4 total)

1 Shoulder to Overhead

250m row

*Switch after each complete round, goal is to go heavy and fast



– Get reps done fast, but clean and challenging, then row hard!

– Continue to sub push ups or matador dips for ring dips until you gain enough upper body pushing strength

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