January 12th, 2016


Please welcome Phil Cress to the CFK team!

I have been doing CrossFit since August of 2009. I started in high school after being begged by a friend and haven’t looked back. Since then I have competed at the Canada East Regional in 2012 on a team formed from our high school affiliate and as an individual competitor in 2014. My favourite thing about CrossFit is olympic weightlifting! I got my Level 1 certificate in 2013. My favourite benchmark workout is “Nancy” (also the first CrossFit workout I ever did!)

Today’s WOD

A1. Pull ups x 3-5 reps @ 30X2, rest 30 sec

A2. Hollow hold x 20-30 sec, rest 90 sec x 5


With a partner perform 4 rounds each of:

200’ farmers walk with 70/55 per hand

10 Bent over rows @ 115/75

10 Burpees

* switch after each complete round, you both will perform 4 rds



  • Strict work on pull ups may be weighted if needed to hit rep range at tempo

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