December 9th, 2015


Today’s WOD

15 min to find a max front squat – suggested warm up @ 30%x10, 50%x6-8, 70%x4-6, 85%x2-3, 95%x1 etc. *DON’T go all out on any of your warm up sets


2 sets for time:

500m row

30 Ring dips

20 T2B

REST 3 min b/t sets



  • let’s see where your max is today, then hit up each set hard and try not to fade off much
  • Scaling options for the ring rows will be using either the matador or between two boxes. If your still working towards a push up from your toes use that as your option but scale reps as necessary I would say no more than 3 sets per round of what ever option you choose
  • For the toes to bar get up and hang from the bar pick a height that you can hit the entire workout whether its knees to elbow or hanging knee raises

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