November 23rd, 2015


Today’s WOD

A1. L1) Pull ups x 5-10  reps, rest 1 min

       L2) Chest to bar pull ups 4-8, rest 1 min (try and pull bar to bottom of the sternum this will make        it much easier to get on top of the bar or rings for that muscle up)

      L3) Muscle ups x 3-5 reps, rest 60 sec ( Must be able to do a Sternum to bar pull up before                       working on transition work)

A2. Hollow holds x 20 sec, rest 60 sec x 5


With a 2 min timer:

Row 300/250m, in remaining time AMRAP push ups

REST 2 min b/t sets x 5

* score is total push ups



– Use appropriate scaling and reps for you

– row hard and make your push ups “beautiful + perfect”!

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