October 6th, 2015

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Patti and Tori

Dear Crossfit Kitchener,

For many years I have struggled with weight and my family has always tried to help me by encouraging me to do different diets and excercises but I was never good at them or even interested in them. My amazing sister Tarra Stumpf has always been healthy and into working out and I really never understand why. I thought she was crazy.  I knew she was working out at CrossFit but I never in a million years thought I would find myself and my mom working out with her at CrossFit! My mom has never worked out a day in her life (other than her walks and jogs around the blocks of our neighbourhood). So my sister got her hooked on CrossFit and soon my mom was coming home telling me how amazing this place was and that is when I realized if my mom can do this, so can I! My mom and I have lost a total of 50lbs! I have dropped 4 pant sizes and I have reached my goal of fitting into my grade 10 high school jeans! She has dropped 4 pant sizes as well and looks amazing. If it wasn’t for crossfit I wouldn’t have changed my life to the way it is today. I eat healthy and excercise 4-5 times a week at CrossFit. I dont workout because it’s a “chore”, I workout because I love it! I feel great! I love the staff and the people here are amazing to workout with. Upon my journey I have made some great friends at CrossFit and the motivation that comes from them is unbelievable! I learn something new everyday that I show up. I show up because I care about myself and love the challenges that CrossFit provides for me. Without a doubt the coach is always challenging me in every way they can!I love the fact that I can workout with my amazing mom and loving sister. This is the best experience of my life and my whole life  has changed since January of 2015. Being 20 years old I can finally put a smile on my face everyday because of how amazing I feel. It is unreal and so is my experience here at CrossFit. Thank you so much to everyone who is by my sister,  my mom and my side throughout this journey. Heres to many more workouts and many more smiles! Thank you to my mom and sister for the help and to CrossFit for changing our lives!

Thank you Joanne and Lance for your encouragement and amazing workout facility!

Tori Longmire and family♡

Today’s WOD

EMOM x 5: 3-5 tough HPC


Alternating EMOM 15 min

Min 1: 10 pull ups

Min 2: 10 Burpees

Min 3: 30 DU’s

Coaches Tips: Build up to a tough working weight, then do EMOM x 5. Perform the second part for 5 total rds, adjust reps as needed.

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