October 29th, 2015


Congrats to Sue and everyone else who came out and participated in the Intramurals last Friday

A message from Sue….

Last week I participated in Crossfit Kitchener’s intramural event.  I’ll be honest, I was terrified.  Though I love Crossfit, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘real’ athlete (you know what I mean, those in the box who seem to be warriors from the cast of 300).  With Joanne’s reassurance that was what the scaled division was for, and her help matching me with a partner (thanks Joanne LeGal), I signed up and proceeded to have butterflies in my stomach for almost a week leading up to the event.  The event itself was tough – not going to lie – but experiencing the group cheering each other on was a powerful experience that I have never experienced before.  Joanne and Lance put on a great event that gives people exposure to competing in the comfort of their box, and they don’t charge anything more than your membership to participate. For those relatively new to Crossfit, there is no downside to giving the intramurals a try.  As they say, “Don’t be afraid of your fears.  They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it”.

Today’s WOD

Go every 2 min x 5 sets:

2 push press + 2 Jerks


With a partner for 20 min – one of you is “odd minutes” and one of you is “even minutes”

3 HPC @ 155/115 100m row sprint

Coaches Tips: Once you’ve exhausted your push press, squeeze out 2 jerks, build as needed. Rest will feel TOO short for the second part

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