September 23rd, 2015


Please welcome Alex to CFK who will be helping out in some of our evening classes

Since childhood I have been involved in competitive sports including volleyball, soccer, cross-country, football and the track and field sprinting events. With my commitment to fitness and health, I applied to the Fitness and Health Promotions course at Algonquin College. During my time in college I lost sight of my fitness goals and quickly fell off track. The required placement portion of the college program lead me to my local CrossFit gym where I quickly found my passion for CrossFit training and had me feeling like an athlete again. It was the first time I was a part of a gym environment that provided consistent programming and coaching that demonstrated proper techniques and catered to my personal strengths/weaknesses and goals as an athlete. Soon after joining the CrossFit community I completed my CrossFit Level I certification and Attitude Nation Weightlifting and Powerlifting certification. As an athlete that has been competed in over 5 CrossFit competitions, I firmly believe in always challenging yourself inside and outside of the gym. As a coach I will help motivate you to become the best version of you that you can be!

Today’s WOD

Build to a max snatch or clean in 15 min, then rest 5 min and perform 30 reps for time @ 75% of that number

Coaches Tips: Use squat cleans or snatches for both!

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