June 24th, 2015

IMG_1166 (1)

A HUGE congratulations to Jaime and Courtney who took first place in their first CrossFit Competition at Battle of the Pairs in TO this past weekend!

In Jaime’s Words…..

“I came to Crossfit Kitchener because I was assigned by Muscle Insider to write an article that compared CrossFit to Bodybuilding. As a newcomer to CrossFit (and the city of Kitchener), my friends pointed me in the direction of CFK as THE box to go to. I started off taking classes 2-3x/week. I was hooked and in love! As my work schedule got busier, I couldn’t commit to doing classes as regularly, but I DID start using Mark as my personal gymnastics/skills coach. We have an incredible rapport, and his tough love approach is exactly what I need. He coached me 2x/week every week, and taught me to climb a rope, kipping pull-ups, muscle ups, and levers. He continues to teach me LITERALLY anything I want to learn. The community of members and staff of CFK have been nothing but supportive through my 6 months! People I don’t know check on me, and ask Mark if I’ve gotten the muscle up yet; Joanne and Lance both took the time to chat with me before I competed for the first time at Battle of The Pairs. If it wasn’t for the community, the staff, the encouragement, and the knowledge they’ve given me, I wouldn’t have placed 1st in my first CrossFit competition!”

Today’s WOD

A. Hang Squat snatch/clean x 3,2,2,1,1 – go every 90 sec
B. Clean and jerk x 3,2,2,1,1 – go every 90 sec
C. Front squat – 7 min to find a tough single
For time:
Deadlifts @ 225/155
Box Jumps @ 30/24”
Coaches Tips:  Similar to yesterday, but with some squatting. Finish things off with a quick couplet

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