May 27th, 2015


And the winner is…..Jen!

We had over 80 people entered in our 6 week Spring Clean Up Wellness Challenge and Jen Cleaned Up and improved in every bench mark despite dealing with an injury.  She didn’t deviate from her diet once….no cheats for Jen! Water, Sleep, Stretching,Running and Attendance were also scored high marks. Congrats Jen!  A very special mention to Christa who also did really well in the challenge and had a perfect score in the food category and water category. She also improved in her bench mark tests. She had perfect scores in running and attendance. Tucker  had perfect scores in food, water, stretching, sleep and attendance and went from 37.7 % bf on April 4th to 28.8 on May 15th. Well done guys!!

Today’s WOD

Hang Squat clean x 3 reps, go every minute x 5 min @ 70%
C. Hang Clean pull x 4 reps, go every minute x 5 min @ 90%
D. Front Squat x 3 reps, go every 2 min x 5 sets @ 75%
For time
KBS @ 1.5/1.0
DU’s or 3:1 singles
Coaches Tips: clean and front squat worked followed by a metcon, can you go UB on each set?! It can be done

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