May 26th, 2015

 The Zingers

A great family story brought to you  by the Zingers

This is our family at the start of our CrossFit journey; Tim, Kristin (me), Sophie (big sister) and Ellie. (Jays Picture – Sept 2013)
CrossFit has been a part of our lives for almost 2 years. Tim joined CrossFit Kitchener in September 2013 and at the same time, we launched into a paleo lifestyle. He started when our girls were 2 and 4. CFK quickly became one of his favourite places to be and he felt “off” if he missed too many days. ‎
In the early months, Tim came home and used our girls as weight bars and shared the lifts from that night’s WOD. He started coming home talking about PBs and was so excited for each new skill learned and level achieved. 
(winter picture, vic park, Oct 2013) ‎
Early on, our oldest daughter would go to the gym for warm-ups and watch him workout. She fell in love with CrossFit. 
By Spring of 2014 Tim was down at least 35 pounds. ‎I took pictures of Tim at one of his ball games, his Mother couldn’t even believe it was him. ‎ We went as a family to the McClennan Park WOD, lead by Coach Mark. Both girls kept up as best they could alongside all the participants.
After a busy baseball season (with three of us playing and one of us coaching)… we find ourselves at September 2014. With a combination of Paleo eating and CrossFit, Tim has changed tremendously. (side by side year apart picture, family picture bridge stratford Oct 2014)
 I had yet to embark on a CrossFit journey, but had successfully lost 25 pounds. Our girls desperately wanted to be CrossFitters. Sophie went to a trial CrossFit Kids class and loved it. Sadly,  attending came down to a scheduling conflict. The kids were already enrolled in dance. Changing everything would have been a little complicated. 
And then… FamilyFit! The class was introduced in late September and it meant both girls (and I) could join CrossFit! I was nervous to start, having never lifted a weight bar or done wall walks or box jumps… all foreign. Let me tell you… the classes are perfect. Not easy, but exactly the right combination of hard work and fun. I find the WOD is hard enough that my muscles ache, but nothing is too complicated for my Ellie who is only four. We’re participating in our 3rd session right now and have joined Run Club too. 
You have to see our tiny but mighty six year old Sophie. She is incredibly strong and can push a prowler with 15 pounds on it down that turf at Mill St, all by herself. She can wall walk, do knee raises, cargo climb, plank, skip and run. She amazes me every class. 
Ellie, has really come into her gross motor skills and is getting better at listening to Coach Jo. She’s mastered a two foot, four plate box jump, loves mountain climbers and rowing. 
Tim is constantly challenging himself and we couldn’t be more proud. We have watched him compete in two Friday night intramurals. All the participants are amazing – but of course, he’s our (my) favourite. He completed his first 5k in December and surpassed his time goal. He’s given up beer twice when trying to get over a plateau. 
It’s hard to list personal achievements. I can say I used to wear an extra-large and now am in a medium. The joint pain I had in my knees is a thing of the past. I can carry both my kids (40 and 36 pounds) at the same time. I can do all the things my kids can do.

‎We don’t own a scale – so I can not confirm numerically what sort of changes we have seen exactly to date, but I recommend judging improvements by what you see and feel. We didn’t set out on a mission to lose an exact number of pounds and didn’t do a weigh in the day we started or take before pictures. We just went for it, trying to be the healthiest, fittest versions of ourselves. 

I find it has been a challenging road, getting to where we are now, but all worth it. The family at CrossFit Kitchener is supportive and welcoming. You can go to any gym in the city and workout alongside a bunch of people. What you should do, is workout alongside a bunch of people who are cheering you on with each rep, round and drop of sweat.
Our family is for sure 100% Stronger Fitter and Faster! 
The Zingers

Today’s WOD

  A. Behind the neck jerk x 1 rep, go every minute for 5 min – build per set
 B. Hang Power snatch x 3 reps, go every minute for 5 min – build per set
 C. Push Press x 5 reps, go every minute for 5 min – build per set
3 Rds for time:
25 wall balls
500m row
Coaches Tips:  lots of shoulder work today, followed by a tough and simple metcon

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