May 23rd, 2015


200 Miles Done!!! Congratulations Elise.

Don’t forget about our annual 5k/3k Spring FUN RUN 🙂 and bbq potlcuk on Sunday! The run starts at Borden at 11 am and the bbq will follow between 12-12:30. Family and Friends are welcome!

Another amazing running testimonial from Elise

Hey guys – thought I would share the good news. I just got back from California from a 200 miles race. The longest I ever ran in the past was 103 miles and really had no idea if I could pull it off. Also, given the winter we had, I didn’t run much in Jan/Feb and really only got back in my running shoes in March, leaving me not much time to build back up my mileage. I knew it would be a huge disadvantage against all the local runners who don’t need to deal with the winter.
I live in Canada, it is just what it is. I tried to maintain my fitness with cross-country skiing, rock climbing, a bit of treadmill and tried to hit the box as many times as I could. While I was watching the Opens, all the athletes kept saying “that WOD will hurt so bad”. And while watching it all over again, I came to the conclusion that running 200 miles will hurt like hell. I did my best to keep a perfect diet and every time we were squatting hard, I made sure I ran 8 miles the following morning. Running on sore legs is an excellent training.
So I flew to California perfectly knowing 200 miles would be totally a different experience. I decided to embrace the challenge and the pain. I slept three times during the race: mile 72 (3hrs), mile 128 (4hrs) and mile 168 (1hr). I ran solid for 165miles and then my legs totally died on me, especially my knees. So I power hiked to the finish. I won’t lie, it was hurting like hell and cried more than once, but I got it done.
I crossed the finishing line in 67hrs43min. A good benchmark in running on a flat road is 200 miles in sub 72hrs, so I was really happy with my time given I was running on hilly trails! 15 runners, I ranked 6th overall, 3rd female.
Now that I’ve been running for a while, lots of runners are asking me what my trick is. Everyone is always amazed by how little I run during a training week (I run max 100km, which is nothing). Actually, a lot of runners are upset about it! I have started Crossfit and Ultra Running at the same time and Crossfit has always paid off for me.
So I am taking a few days off now… but given Crossfit helps me so much at competing at that level, I’ll be back soon at 6pm 🙂

Today’s WOD

Teams of 3 or 4
One person running 200m at all times, other members working on reps one at a time

0 – 5 min max reps 


5-10 min max reps

Box jumps 24/20

10-15 min max reps

Push press 115/75

15-20 min max reps

Walking OHL 45/25

20-25 min max reps

Dead lifts 185/135

25-30 min max reps

Rope Climbs


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