May 8th, 2015


Good job to all the  Kids who came out to our Run Group on this Hot May Day! Thanks to the parent volunteers 🙂

Today’s WOD

Dynamic squat week 5(jumping) Set up boxes or pins 2” lower than sternum when standing. Pause 2 seconds on pins or blocks


Rest; 1 min after squat, 2min after jumps

Warm up:

8@bar, 6@30, 4@40


4@50%+5 jumps, 6@55%+5 jumps, 6@55%+5 jumps, 4@60%+5 jumps, 4@60%+5 jumps, 4@60%+5 jumps



Strict Press 2-3 reps, go every 2 min x 5


14 min AMRAP

10 Wall balls

100m row/Run

10 No push up burpee box overs @ 24/20”

Coaches Tips:  wanted to throw the press in 2 x this week so it doesn’t fall behind. 1 more week of this cycle before testing!

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