April 9th, 2015

Watch Bill demonstrate how to set up and perform our Dynamic Squat Drills!

Please try to show up on time or even a little early and know what your #’s will be before we start. Bring your sheet!

 Today’s WOD

Dynamic squat Day 1

Set up boxes or pins 2” lower than sternum when standing. Pause 2 seconds on pins or blocks

Warm up:

Empty bar 8 reps, 6@30%, 4@40%

Work sets:  No rest after squats; rest 2 min after jumps

4@50% +4 jumps, 6@50%+4 jumps, 6@50%+4 jumps, 4@55%+4 jumps, 4@55%+4 jumps, 4@55%+4 jumps


5 min AMRAP

10 Wall balls

20 DU’s

Rest 2 min

5 min AMRAP

5 T2B

10 Box jumps with step down 24/20

Coaches Tips: The “dynamic” squat days will test you in other ways, enjoy the variety. The metcons will keep your fitness up while we build strength

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