February 21st, 2015

Neil C

Enjoy a sample of  “Buff” Pepperette’s after the 8 am WOD tomorrow. You’ll be lucky if any are left after the 9 am class.  These tasty all natural Bison protein snacks are absolutely delicious and  are made by Sue Kearn’s (a CFK member) Cousin. Check out his website. www.buff.ca

Today’s WOD

In teams of 2 (Both working at the same time, switching when you are both done the prescribed work)

20 min AMRAP

10 Thrusters 75/45

10 Weighted Step-Ups 20″/24″, 75/45 (Back Rack Only)

* At 0, 5 10 and 15min both teammates must perform a 250/200m row each.

** If a barbell touches the floor at any point other then when it is time to row, both teammates perform 5 Burpees each. If a barbell is dropped both teammates perform 10 Burpees each!

Coaches Tips: Keep moving and hold on to that barbell! You will have to hold on to it for about 3min at a time and even at a light weight it will get tough. Score is total # of reps, so every time you and your partner finish a round it is 40 reps! Burpees do not count as reps, just thrusters and step-ups. Wherever you leave off when Murf calls out “ROW” you start from when you return to your barbell and box. Only 1 rower per team so you will get about a minute rest every 5min.



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