December 17th, 2014


Spirit of Christmas

Thanks to everyone who contributed  to our Adopted Family this Christmas. Because of your generous donations, we were able to buy this Family all the items on their wish list. We even had some money left over which went towards gift cards for Zehrs. Thanks for helping to give this Family a Merry Christmas:)

Today’s WOD

Pistols – 5 min work


“Flight simulator”

5 UB DU’s

10 UB Du’s


* Go up by 5 until you reach 50, than go back down by 5 again. You must stop between sets, so for 10 for example you can’t do 15 and count that as your 5 + 10 sets. For scaled try doing 3 x the required reps and still going UB.


Prowler push x 1 length (goal is about 10-15 sec), rest as needed x 10 sets

Trainer’s Tips: Flight simulator is a great test for those proficient with their DU’s. Finish the day off with some explosive work on the prowlers

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