October 28th, 2014

 Jeff and Scott

Today’s WOD

EMOM x 5 – rope climb work, choose from option A,B or C

  1. Legless OR L-hold x 2-3
  2. Using legs x 2-3
  3. Knotted rope x 2-3 OR from the floor to standing x 4-6


10 min – Find a max behind the neck snatch grip strict press


10 min timer

4 Rds of:

10 Shoulder to OH @ 155/105

50 DU’s OR 100 singles

* in remaining time AMRAP wall balls 20/14

Trainer’s Tips: the behind the neck press says a lot about your ability to fire the “right” muscles and your mobility. Get the work done fast, and get to the wall balls

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