October 24th, 2014


 Today’s WOD

EMOM x 5 – pistol work: choose 1 option

  1. 6-8/leg pistols with no assistance or using small counter weight
  2. 5-7/leg Negatives onto or off of a box
  3. 5-7/leg using assistance with rings OR split squats


Snatch – 5 practice


EMOM x 3 snatch @ comfortable weight that allows you to work on form!


Thruster ladder – min 1 = 1, min 2 = 2, min 3 = 3….go until failure @ 95/65

Trainer’s Tips: snatch practice, take the time work on what you need to, be it a squat or not! Thruster ladder spells “F-U-N”

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