October 17th, 2014


EMOM x 5 – pistol work: choose 1 option

  1. 5-7/leg pistols with no assistance or using small counter weight
  2. 4-6/leg Negatives onto or off of a box
  3. 4-6/leg using assistance with rings OR split squats


10 min EMOM

Odd: Row 10-15 cals

Even: Burpees x 5-10


5 Hang Power Clean @ 185/115

10 T2B OR 3 Muscle ups

400m run

Rest 2 min x 3 sets

Trainer’s Tips: We should all be seeing some good progress with our one-legged squats by now. Find a steady pace for first part and go hard on the second. The 2 minute rest should be enough recovery to maintain a strong effort!

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