October 1st, 2014

Sept Intramurals

We had another excellent turnout for our Intramural comp on Fri night with a few new faces.  It was a beautiful night and the energy was alive and kicking! Thanks to all the spectators who came out and a very special thanks goes out to everyone who offered to help judge. Due to our Nightmare on Mill Competition on Oct 18th, there won’t be an intramural comp in Oct. We’ll announce the date for November soon! 

Today’s WOD

EMOM x 5 – rope climb work, choose from option A,B or C

  1. Legless OR L-hold x 1
  2. Using legs x 1
  3. Knotted rope x 1 OR from the floor to standing x 3


7 min ladder:

2 bar facing burpees

1 deadlift 275/185

4 bar facing burpees

2 deadlifts

6 bar facing burpees

3 deadlifts…

REST 3 min

7 min ladder:

2 pull ups

1 power snatch 95/65

4 pull ups

2 power snatch

6 pull ups

3 power snatch…


– new month, new skill, choose what’s appropriate and go EMOM

– 2 ladders to climb, go far, go fast!

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