September 17th, 2014

Rick running

Another great Testimonial:

Since Crossfit Kitchener first opened at the King Street location, I’ve dabbled infrequently in the work-outs, mostly for a little variety from my main focus of triathlon training. Over the past few years I could tell, as proved by my times, that my running was really starting to deteriorate. Strength, endurance, cadence, posture & fluidity just seemed to be going the way of the Dodo, and I was telling myself that age was the primary culprit. I kept hoping that my usual training regime would be able to at least slow down the rate of my declining abilities.

Not through some grand design, I started to hit the WODs more consistently since the beginning of August. Well much to my surprise, after a few weeks, I started to feel some of the old strength & fluidity back in my running stride. I could also feel that I was carrying myself in a powerful, high position rather than a slouching, weak posture. I don’t know if I’m running any faster, but it sure feels great to have that feeling of strength & fluidity back in my stride. The only difference in my recent activity has been the Crossfit work-outs, so I’m pretty sure the credit must go there. Perhaps Crossfit really is an appropriate name after all.

Rick Green

 Today’s WOD

Hand stand/Push up work 5 min

  1. HS hold 30 sec at the top of every min x 5
  2. Wall walk hold 30 sec at the top of every min x 5
  3. “Perfect” push ups – 30 sec AMRAP at the top of every min x 5


10 to find a tough single sumo deadlift


For total time:

Row or Run 1000m, rest 3 min x 4 – can switch between the two


– See how strong your sumo deadlift is these days – compare to your conventional deadlift

– Some aerobic work to give the body some active recovery

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