August 25th, 2014

 352Best  Podium Shot ever!!

It was a 2 way tie for first place rx’d women between Angela (drinking her post comp recovery drink) and Lindsay (giving Mark the finger). Sammi with the Stella took 3rd place. Congrats Ladies!

Congrats to all our CFK Athletes who came out to our Intramural Comp on Friday night. It’s amazing the magic that comes out of these comps. Sammi just learned how to do a pistol squat last week and she managed to do 33 in the comp. There were many pr’s on Front squats and the Row. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported whether it was to cheer everyone on or judge. And last but not least, thanks to Mark who came up with the programming and helped run the show!! See everyone at the next Intramural comp on Sept. 26th.

Today’s WOD

Pull ups – every 90 sec, 3-4 reps @ 31X1, 5 sets
EMOM x 10
Odd: 2 heavy front squats (75-80%)
Even: 3 heavy strict press – from floor (75-80%)
For time:
30 Burpees
30 Hang Squat thrusters @ 115/75
1K run
Trainer’s Tips: Some lifting then a quick hard workout to finish off the day

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