July 21st, 2014


Why I love CrossFit Kids by Victoria 12 years old

“I love CrossFit because it gives me a chance to be with other people who share the same passion as me. We challenge ourselves to do things we thought we couldn’t do. Doing CrossFit has helped me so much with my strength and capability to do things. When I first came, I couldn’t do one push-up from my toes but with the help of coach Jo and Lance, they helped me build up my strength with all the amazing butt kicking workouts! Soon I was able to do 5 push-ups from my toes. I am proud of how much I have improved in my capability to do certain movements I’ve never done before. I love CrossFit because I know to never give up on myself and to believe that I can lift those weights!”

Today’s WOD

3 min Max DU’s


24 min AMRAP

11 burpees

7 Ground to OH @ 135/95

13 Back Squats @ 135/95


3 min Max DU’s

Trainer’s Tips: forced DU practice when fresh and when fatigued, enjoy! WOD was used for a fundraiser, thus the odd reps/time etc

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