July 16th, 2014

dirty gascho's

Dave Gascho and his Family  aka “The Dirty Gascho’s” decided doing the Dirty Dash 2 weeks ago wasn’t quite enough so they decided they wanted to get dirtier and give the Extreme Dirty Dash a Go a week later. They did extremely well in both races. Way to go Gascho’s!!

Today’s WOD

Find a 1, 3 OR 5 RM thruster from the floor (chose one) in 12 min

EMOM x 20

Odd: Deadlift x 5 @ 315/225
Even: Row 10-15 cals

Trainer’s Tips: Get warm and tackle the thrusters.  Deads should be heavy but manageable for all 10 sets (yes that’s 50 total)

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