July 3rd, 2014

photo low rez

Angela Pause in Amsterdam – Below is Angela’s post trip reflection on Crossfit and life.


On Being Fit for Life 

Question: What does a CrossFitter do on her 12-day European vacation?

Answer: She enjoys the benefits of being fit across multiple domains; eats and drinks anything she wants; goes completely wod-less and doesn’t feel any guilt about it.


Why? Because when you’re visiting cities like Berlin and Amsterdam where everyone walks and rides bikes everywhere and climbs (a lot) of stairs ALL THE TIME, you are getting a really decent amount of physical activity. Add in the carrying heavy things to and fro (up and down MANY stairs), and you basically have done a chipper.


The consumption of bread (plus cheese, fries and mayonnaise) in Amsterdam was irresistible. First it’s everywhere, all the time. Second, the bread is jaw-dropping delicious and made from such a multitude of grains that health is baked in. (The fries were a luxury, but one I can afford.) The beer consumed? Each and everyone were keenly appreciated and well earned. Especially when one is sitting at an outdoor café, beside a ridiculously picturesque canal in a city so charming and amazing you keep thinking you are an extra in a movie set. There was no guilt. Just loving life.


Yet CrossFit did have an impact on my trip. In cities where I saw almost zero obesity and everyone was doing a transportation-related physical activity as easily and as normally as breathing — I still stood out. While setting up for a party on my friend’s fourth floor terrace, I was tapped (along with the men) to carry the exceptionally heavy tables and benches up the four flights of narrow, twisty stairs. Cases of beer up and 40 lb. boxes of ice up four flights? Again, that fell into my domain because it was just easy for me. When I had to sprint 1.5 km through Charles de Gaulle airport with a 45lb knapsack on my back to catch my connecting flight, it just seemed like part of a normal wod.


I also answered a lot of questions on “how I got to be so fit”, which allowed me to spread the word on CrossFit (there was one box in Amsterdam, and had I been there another couple of days, I would have made it). But mostly, I just lived being cross fit.  This is what it’s all about – being fit for “life”.


Thursday’s Run Group will be at Bechtel Park at 6pm. We will meet in the far corner by the playground.


Today’s WOD

5 sets of partner 400m runs (5 each) – I go, you go

* plank on hands between runs for at least 30 sec!


5 Rds for time:

250m row

20 Russian KBS @ 2.0/1.5pd


Trainer’s Tips: Aerobic day, work on running speed, form and consistency. The Row + KBS should be a steady pace throughout.

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