May 30th, 2014


Reminder that all daytime classes will be held at Mill St. tomorrow due to PD Day Camp

Today’s WOD

Front Squat – In 10 minutes, find a 10 rep max


EMOM x 6, 3 power cleans @ 80% of max


1/2 “ANGIE”

50 Pull ups
50 Push Ups
50 Sit ups
50 Squats

Trainer’s Tips: Front Squat 10 rep max, much like the 20 rep max BS the weight on this will be a little tricky to figure out. Try doing a weight you know you can do for 5-7 reps, if you’re still feeling good add weight. Then maybe go heavy and if you’re feeling strong at 7 reps or so, stop add weight then go for it! EMOM power cleans, these should be hard, but doable. Last, but not least, much like the 1/2 Cindy we did last month, this is enough, but not too much. You must do all pull ups before moving onto the push ups and so on!

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