May 22nd, 2014


Another Awesome Canada East Regional Photo!

Run group for  Adults will meet at Borden  and Kids Run Club  will meet at Eastwood High School Track across from World Gym on Weber at 6 pm

Today’s WOD

Back Squat 7 sets of 3 reps, go every 2 min

A. 8 min to find a max bench press
B. AMRAP set @ 80% of A


7 min max reps, Bar facing burpees!

Trainer’s Tips: First part looks like fun, squatting heavy, then some bench press…then 7 min of burpees WTF?! Well, just try to keep a steady pace, do 10/min or whatever is comfortable. Jumping over the bar will at least slow your pace and keep you in the aerobic zone.

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