May 5th, 2014


Thanks to everyone who came out to support Lutherwood’s Steps For Kids yesterday. Close to $100,000 was raised to help kids in our Community who suffer from mental illness. It was a perfect day for a walk/run and a great way to kick off Kids Mental Health week!

Today’s WOD

EMOM x 10 min

odd – 10 burpees
even – row


EMOM x 16 min

odd – 10 Hang Power Cleans “tough” weight
even – 10 pull ups/C2B or 3 Muscle ups


Partner shuttle prowler push – 5 min max lengths * each person must go down and back the turf, then switch.

Trainer’s Tips: 3 different challenges today, the first part is a solid warm up and shouldn’t be all out. Try to be consistent on your row, and get through the burpees with time to spare. Part 2 is a strength piece, make the HPC’s heavy, but manageable, it’s 8 sets of each by the end. Choose the appropriate scaling for the pull ups. Partner shuttle runs with the prowler, something we’ll play around with this month…enjoy! Also keep the weight to a moderate level or you’ll likely die!

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